Save the Date Its About Us not I Only we can prevent Gentrifires Save the Date We are thrilled to invite you to the Inaugural Juneteenth Financial Freedom Walk and Community Celebration at Huntington Community Park, located at 16170 Kentucky St, Detroit, Michigan 48221. This special event is organized by More Than A Mom Global in partnership with local businesses and community leaders.

Its More than
Just a Walk
The Kickoff of our Neighborhood Cooperative starts Juneteenth 2024. Find out how to be involved and more below. Residential Registration

Cooperative Kickoff Community Engagement Our Mission Join us in celebrating Juneteenth as we kick off our cooperative initiative to empower our neighborhood. Through unity, economic empowerment, and defining our village's culture, we aim to create a blueprint for community self-sufficiency. Together, we will showcase the power of collective effort and what it looks like when we come together under a shared vision and direction. Join The Walk Juneteenth Financial Freedom Walk 5PM-9PM Join us on June 19th.
This event is a celebration of freedom and a call to action for financial independence and community empowerment. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a day of unity, festivities, and enlightenment.
introduce the "2 for You, 2 for Us" initiative, designed to uplift both individuals and the community. Learn how you can be part of a movement that focuses on personal and family growth, as well as village cohesion and collective buying power. Engage with local vendors, attend workshops, and participate in community-building activities. This is an opportunity to connect with neighbors, share ideas, and contribute to the collective well-being of our community.

Donate Donate Donate Donate Juneteenth Financial Freedom Walk Food Vendors and THe Best BBQ in Michigan Our Market Health Screening Booth Family Fun Door to Door Stats Our goal is to engage with every household in our community to promote our cooperative initiative. By going door-to-door, we aim to involve residents in the cooperative, share the benefits of the "2 for You, 2 for Us" initiative, and build a stronger, more united neighborhood. What to Expect Our Juneteenth celebration will be a vibrant and joyous event filled with activities for all ages. Come and enjoy Donate 73 of our 500+ houses have been reached Join the Walk

Our Success Threshold is on a mission to build a sustainable and empowered community. To start our cooperative, we need: 313 Members At $50 will allow us to start The Seeds of Our Village cooperative journey the right way. Street Banners and Custom Street Shirts coming soon. 9 Amazing Passionate Block Captains for Our Streets will allow us to organize and facilitate communication from all residents. Basketball and Kickball Teams coming soon 1 Juneteenth Kickoff Sometimes seeing is believing, so come out and stand among your neighbors and friends. Join us for the Juneteenth Financial Freedom Walk, celebrate our heritage, and witness the start of a transformative journey for Our Neighborhood.

By Organizing our Village it's not all business.
We create our own fun for all ages.
Basketball/Kickball teams, Bingo games, Walks, and a massive water balloon Fights just to scratch the surface. {Custom Street Jerseys Coming Soon)
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